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daily_artist's Journal

The Sketchbook
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
The Sketchbook is an art-based community for artists who are looking to keep a consistent schedule of creating art: a sketch a day. The goal is to keep you motivated and inspire you along the way. Anyone is free to join as well as post and comment on other works. Any type of sketch is allowed! This is a learning zone so keep all criticism to a minimum unless they ask for it.


1. Please keep all images between the sizes of 300x300 pixels anything larger needs to go under a cut.
2. Please only post 1 sketch a day. Multiple sketches from the same artist are not allowed however if you would like to post more than one piece please put it under a cut.
3. Any type of sketches are allowed! Please feel free to post any type of sketch that you would like. It can be a digital sketch or a scanned in sketch even a picture of a sketch you took. (If there is a funny how to you can post that too)
4. Please be respectful of all members and only post criticizing comments if they are asking for them,
5. No Nudity or tasteless sketches
6. Rules can be added or taken out at any time

Points of Interest:
+ If you would like to post a tutorial on how to draw eyes, or something similar, it is encouraged. These will go under memories and favorites. Just make them yourself.
+ If you find something you think would be really inspirational and good to show the group feel free, these will also go under memories.

+ A layout. The first person to submit one that would work and will code properly or is already coded will be put up.
+ Moderators! Please feel free to apply!